PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants

Nitrogen is separated from air through adsorption process using carbon molecular sieves as desiccant. The technology is known as PSA technology which means Pressure Swing Adsorption. 
The PSA Nitrogen gas plants are particularly used to produce Nitrogen gas of different purities ranging 95% to 99.99% directly through this technology, however if the gas is required to be further purified upto a level of 99.9999% then additional purification units are being attached to the system to deliver UHP nitrogen.

The nitrogen produced by these plants is very simple process and very economical. The plants are designed & operated considering environmental and operating conditions and on demand SCADA based, operator free plants are being supplied which are under operation for the last several years.

Generally the plant capacities are ranging between 1 to 500 Nm3/hr single units of any purities as mentioned above.
These type of plants are used in following applications:

  • Mild steel & carbon steel annealing
  • Electronic industries like semiconductors etc.
  • Blanketing during chemical reactions
  • Auto industries for Sintering, Brazing & Soldering
  • Food packaging
  • Tyre filling
  • Metal powder formation
  • Any other innert applications