Heat Less Air dryer :

We manufacture and export an extensive range of heatless type air dryers, which is a simplest form of dessicant type gas or air dryer . These are use to achieving a dew point of -40 deg c or excellent for compressed air systems and other gas and air dryer applications. There is no increase in the effluent gas temperature and the desiccant beds remove oil in its vapor form. Technical Specifications : Air Capacity 10 CFM to 500 CFM dew point up to (-) 80 deg c Heat of Compression Air Dryer we are amongst the reliable heat of compression type dryer's manufacturers and suppliers. Ourheat of compression dryers have a very low maintenance cost as there is no moving part. There is no loss of compressed air in our dryers and are also skid mounted and can be easily installed. the heat of compression dryer (hoc) is fully automatic with pneumatically actuated ball / plug valves. A sequence timer controls operation of these valves. Desiccant used is activated alumina and it dries the air up to (-) 40 deg c dew point.

Heat Of Compression Air Dryers

The heat of compression (HOC) dryers is the latest generation chemical dryers based on adsorption principle. It does not have complex valvings & is eliminated with purge loss drawback as in heatless type dryer. HOC offers best atmospheric dew point i.e. -70C. It's having least running cost with best quality of air. Have lesser pay back period. It is a stationary system, fully automatic, continuous duty with long efficient service life. This dryer is most users friendly.
Range: 500 CFM to upto 5000 CFM
Application: Mass quantity instrument, process air in chemical industries & other engineering applications where mass volume air may be required.
Operating Pressure: 7 Kg/cm2 standard Design Standard: ASME SECT VIII DIV I, TEMA, IS Standard.
Location: After air receiver, in comp. air system.

Internal Heated Type Dryer

We offer optimal quality heated air dryers which are highly efficient and accurate. Our internally heated air dryers are made up of the best quality equipments and parts. We provide our heated air dryers at competitive prices and also well within the stipulated time. We are one of the authentic heated hot air dryers exporters from india

When there is less compressed air to spare, Van Air heated regenerative compressed air dryers provide the solution by requiring less purge air for desiccant regeneration. Compared to a heatless dryer, a MOLSIEVE internally heated dryer delivers significant savings through purge air reduction. MOLSIEVE internally heated desiccant dryers supply -40F pressure dew point air for critical requirements for pneumatic instruments, controls and sensitive process air. Principle of operation: Wet inlet air flows through the drying tower where moisture is attracted to and adsorbed on the desiccant. Approximately 6% of the dry outlet air, expanded to atmospheric pressure, is diverted to the regenerating tower where it is heated as it flows through a heater isolation tube. This air is then directed through the desiccant bed where it strips off accumulated moisture. Standard units available from 150 SCFM to 3,000 SCFM. Finally, the purge air is exhausted into the atmosphere through a purge valve. The eight-hour NEMA cycle includes four hours of drying, three hours of regeneration and one hour of cooling per tower. All AP series compressed air dryers include individual heater thermostats. Purge flow rates are adjustable for your operating requirements.
Application -
- Instrument air dryers for power plants Refineries & Petrochemicals, chemical & fertilizer plants etc.
- CNG Compressed Natural Gas drying & conditioning plants, Gas Dryers.
- Hydrogen Gas Drier for generator Cooling Application.

Refrigerated Air Dryers

The basic principle is the removal of moisture by cooling air to certain present temperature. the concept of efficient cooling is removal of heat only. The air first enters into the pre cooler where the incoming hot air is being cooled by outgoing cold air so as to reduce the heat load of evaporator . The air from precooler enter into the evaporator where further heat is removed by boiling refrigerant like freon. now the air get condensed and this moist air is passed through a moisture separator where moisture is drained out by centrifugal action of air. The moist free air enters into precooler to cool the incoming air. salient features: simple and compact design. automatic cleaning of condenser. efficient power saving. least pressure drop. easy maintenance.

specification: range : 5 to 1000 nm3/hr pressure : 0. 5 to 12. 5 barg.
electrical connection: 415v , 3phase , 50 hz  
Dew point : (-) 20 Deg C