Medical Oxygen Gas Plants

The equipment is basically a Medical Oxygen Gas Plants and designed to deliver 95% pure bacteria & dust free oxygen. 

Considering the criticalness of patients the plant is designed to operate 24 hours 365 days in a year. The plants are ideal and self sufficient to generate oxygen where the hospitals are located in remote areas and it is difficult to get oxygen on frequent basis.

The plants are highly dependent and installation of these plant avoids dependency on cylinder/liquid suppliers, save lot of space unnecessarily required for cylinder/liquid storage and no risks as the gas is produced only at 5 kg/cm2 pressure, whereas the cylinders have 150 kg/cm2 pressure, the liquid oxygen is having about (-) 160 Deg C temperature and at 20 Kg/cm2 pressure which has many risk factors while using.

It also saves tech man power used for the procurement of gas on day to day basis. Generally the plant capacities are ranging from 1 to 100 Nm3/hr capacities.

Additionally a booster unit can also be installed to boost & store the gas for emergency requirements like shifting of patients.
Further if desired a high purity unit can also be attached to enrich oxygen further to 99%.